PC/104+ stackable breakout board for Model 301-06 | Model 300TA

Model 300TA PC/104+ stackable breakout board for Model 301-06
  • A set of standard PC peripherals for 301-06 CPU board
  • 2 IDE channels for up to 4 devices
  • Floppy interface
  • 2 serial ports
  • 1 parallel port

Model 300TA is a legacy product and is not recommended for new designs. Legacy products are available but may have lead times up to 12 weeks and minimum order requirements. Use our Product Finder to find a comparable product or contact our Design Support Team.


Model 300TA is designed to provide additional I/O capabilities for the 301-6 CPU. Those include standard PC keyboard and PS/2 mouse interfaces, 1 parallel and 2 serial ports, a floppy drive interface, and a 2 channel IDE interface. The 300TA is a standard PC/104 board (3.8 x 3.6 inches).

Serial ports

Two high speed (up to 460 Kbps) RS232 ports are supported by model 301-6 CPU as COM3 and COM4. A 20-pin header pinout allows for an easy connection to 2DB9 connectors using flat cable.

Floppy interface

FDD interface supports up to 2 floppy drives. A standard 34-pin FDD connector is provided.

Parallel port

An IBM AT-compatible parallel port supports ECP parallel port mode. A 26-pin header pinout allows for an easy connection to a DB25 connector using flat cable.

IDE interface

Supports 2 channels for up to 4 IDE devices. Two standard 40-pin connectors are provided.

Keyboard and mouse

Two mini-DIN (PS/2) connectors allow connecting a mouse and a keyboard directly to the 300TA.

Pricing & Ordering

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300TAPC/104+ stackable breakout board for Model 301-06CallCall 
301-06PC 104 and PC 104+ expansion busCallCall 

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