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The pages and images on the Sensoray Model 2453/3011 web interface can be customized using these steps:

  1. Download the default files for the model 2453 or model 3011. These files were created from a specific version of the firmware. A newer version of the firmware may require a new set of files. Contact Sensoray support to get the latest versions.
  2. Extract the files from s####custom.zip and make the customizations as desired. See the next section for details on the .htm files.
  3. Create a new zip file containing only the customized files and any additional files or images. Make sure that the customized files are at the same depth as the original zip file, in order to replace the defaults on the board.
  4. On the 2453/3011 board, go to the page http://192.168.x.x/admin_customize.htm, and upload the new zip using the form and click Submit. The customizations should appear after refreshing the web pages.
  5. If customizations need to removed from the board, check the Remove Customization box and click Submit. The default files will be restored after the board has been restarted.

The .htm files on the board are pre-processed before they are displayed:

  • The <include> tag reads in another .htm file from the 'src' attribute, with an optional 'title' attribute for the header.htm file. The <include> tag is used for including the header.htm and footer.htm. The header.htm is useful for changing the header text and logo in one place and having it appear on all pages.
  • Form elements are filled by the value stored in the firmware configuration. A list of configuration values can be seen by loading the config.txt page.
  • The <require> tag indicates that a page may only be viewed by a user which has the permissions indication by the 'permission' attribute.

Contact Sensoray Support with any questions about web page customization.

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