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Sensoray has been producing superior engineering solutions since 1982. We specialize in developing and manufacturing embedded electronics for industrial, medical and security OEM applications. Our engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in Oregon's Silicon Forest. Sensoray products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Sensoray produces advanced video capture and processing, data acquisition, and machine control products. We make products for a variety of hardware platforms including USB, Ethernet, PCI, PCI-Express, Compact PCI, PC/104+, and STDbus. Our products include software support for many popular operating systems including Windows, Linux, and QNX and other real-time OSs.


Sensoray's video devices have traveled into space and dived to the depths of the oceans. Our video capture devices have recorded countless surgeries and been used in broadcast studios around the world. Sensoray makes a wide spectrum of high performance video products that perform HD capture and compression, text and graphic overlay, video over Ethernet and more, with exceptionally low latencies and hardware-based deinterlacing.

Process control

Sensoray's process control and data acquisition products are used in scientific and industrial applications worldwide, in applications as diverse as controlling cranes at shipping ports and regulating water pressure in waterjet cutters. We make interfaces for a wide range of real world analog and digital signals including thermocouples, RTDs, strain gages, incremental encoders, and solid-state relays.

Custom design

Our expertise in engineering and manufacturing puts us on the leading edge of video and process control technology and enables us to to design and manufacture to the most demanding specifications. Give us a call to discuss your project's requirements and put our expertise to the test. We welcome your questions, offer free technical support and a two year warranty on all of our products. Contact us today for technical information, pricing, or a quotation for custom products.

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