8/16-channel smart sensor interface | Model 2518DIN/2519DIN

Model 2518 8/16-channel smart sensor interface
  • Interfaces 8 or 16 sensors to Ethernet
  • Measures thermocouple, RTD, strain gage, thermistor, resistance, and voltage
  • Provides excitation for passive sensors
  • Linearizes sensor data and converts to engineering units
  • Cold-junction compensation for thermocouples
  • Screw terminals for direct field wiring connections
  • Single supply operation

Model 2518DIN/2519DIN is a legacy product and is not recommended for new designs. Legacy products are available but may have lead times up to 12 weeks and minimum order requirements. Use our Product Finder to find a comparable product or contact our Design Support Team.


Models 2518DIN and 2519DIN are low cost-per-channel Ethernet interfaces for measuring voltage, resistance, and thermocouple, RTD, thermistor, and strain gauge sensors. They provide excitation for passive sensors and feature 16-bit resolution from either eight (2518) or sixteen (2519) differential input channels, each individually programmable for a different sensor type.

The entire acquisition process — sensor excitation, analog-to-digital conversion, cold-junction compensation, linearization, and conversion to engineering units (e.g., V, °C) — is performed in under 22 milliseconds per channel for each group of eight channels. Model 2519DIN has two A/D converters that concurrently process two groups of eight channels for higher throughput. Sensor data is acquired continuously and stored in on-board memory so that the host computer can access it without waiting for conversions.

Block diagram



Models 2518DIN and 2519DIN periodically sample precision internal references and use the acquired samples to compensate offset and gain drift. Reference data is factory calibrated and stored in non-volatile memory so boards can be easily installed and interchanged. The boards employ fully electronic calibration to eliminate mechanical trimpots and the need for physical board access.


The unit can process over 1500 UDP-based messages per second over 10Base-T Ethernet. The three high-order IP address bytes must be specified upon ordering from Sensoray. For example, if the unit is to operate at 192.168.2.x, specify "192.168.2" when ordering. The fourth, "x" byte is field-programmable via shunts.

Field Wiring

Sensor wires directly connect to removable terminal blocks that are supplied with the unit — no external breakout boards are required. Each sensor channel has five conductors: two for sensor power, two for voltage measurement and one for a shield.

Terminal blocks connect directly to field wiring



The 2518DIN/2519DIN modules mount directly onto standard DIN rails.

2519DIN in a Nema enclosure


Power Supply

Several optional line-operated power supplies are available.

A model 201 supplying power to two sensor interface modules



Analog Inputs
Number of channelsModel 2518: 8 channels
Model 2519: 16 channels
ADC resolution, type16-bit, integrating
Conversion time22 ms/channel
A/D scan rate45 samples/second
Input resistance1000 MΩ
CMMR (min)95 db
CMV (max)±5 V
Physical layer10Base-T
Connector typeRJ-45
Operating temperature-25 to +85 °C
Input power12-30 V AC/DC
Dimensions(W x H x D): 9.42 x 3.80 x 1.87 inches

Sensor Types
ThermocouplesJ, K, T, S, E, B, N, C, R
Platinum RTD100 Ω, types 385 and 392
Nickel RTD120, 200, 1000 Ω
Copper10 Ω
Thermistors10000 Ω, YSI types 44006 or 44031
Strain gauges120 to 4000 Ω
Sensor Resolution Range
Thermocouples 0.1 °C -270 to 1760 °C
Thermistors 0.01 °C -55 to 145 °C
Resistors 0.02 Ω
0.125 Ω
31 Ω
0 to 400 Ω
0 to 3 kΩ
0 to 600 kΩ
RTDs 0.05 °C
0.0125 °C
-200 to 800 °C
0 to 400 °C
Strain/Pressure 5 µV ±100 mV
DC voltage 5 µV
20 µV
200 µV
±100 mV
±500 mV
±5 V


File Version Type Size
Model 2518 Technical Manual1.0.0PDF246 KB


File Version Type Size
Smart A/D Software Development Kit1.0.2ZIP243 KB
Other Operating Systems
Need a software development kit for another operating system? We can port our SDK to
your OS or provide the information you need to do it yourself. Contact Sales for details.

Pricing & Ordering

Model Description Qty 1 Qty 2-9 Order Qty.
2518DIN8-channel smart sensor interface, DIN rail mountable$516$488
2519DIN16-channel smart sensor interface, DIN rail mountable$721$703
Power Supplies
20124 V 10 Watt power supply$162$145

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